Artyst 3-Liner Needle – 0,25 LT



  • Supports low machine vibration
  • Single-use cartridges
  • Special safety membrane to seal backflow of any fluids
  • Super long taper – 5.5mm length
  • Taper geometry: Fine needle tip
  • Needle alignment: Straight
  • 20 pieces per box

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Artyst 3-Liner Needle – 0,25 LT

The Artyst 3-Liner Needle – 0,25 LT are 3 long needles which allows you to create fine outlines in less time. The needles are making it easy to create shades. The safety cartridges are sterile packed and ready to use.

All Artyst PMU needle modules are equipped with a safety membrane to prevent the backflow of colors and bodily fluids entering the machine and the associated cross-contamination.

We offer you the highest possible quality and safety standard that the industry has to offer.

Recommended for:

  • Eyebrows shading
  • Eyelash enhancement
  • Lip contour
  • Shading techniques, including full lips