Artyst PowerBabe Handpiece – Gold Champagne


Technical specifications:

  • Made of premium grade aluminum
  • Weight 130gr
  • Color: Color Champagne
  • Made in Germany

Important note:

The Artyst handpiece operates with the Artyst Power Unit: compact, lightweight and easy to use.

The Artyst ™ power unit is your versatile and universal power control for any Artyst ™ handpiece.

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Artyst PowerBabe Handpiece – Gold Champagne

Minimized vibration combined with highest power and cost-efficient needle cartridges; Artyst H2 is a super low vibrating yet powerful ergonomic handpiece with a 3.5mm stroke length.

This ensures optimal skin penetration, so less skin trauma, great color retention and a short healing period. This daily runner is the fast and reliable tool you were looking for! Its smooth but consistent operating motor will work wonders with the highest safety and upmost precision in lesser time.

Artyst H2 is one of the most silent machines in the market. You will hardly feel it vibrating while creating your magic!


  • High-power machine (not recommended for beginners)
  • 3,5 mm stroke length (as tattoo machines)
  • Adjustable needle length (turn)
  • Instant color implantation + precision
  • Optimized skin penetration
  • Slim, ergonomic, lightweight
  • Maximum power, maximum silence
  • Low vibration, precise

15 needle formations

Fits CHEYENNE needles as well as most needle cartridges in the industry

Recommended for:

  • Fine lines
  • Crisp hair strokes
  • Shading & Pixel techniques
  • All skin types
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