PMU needles

Unique needle modules for unique pmu techniques

  • Safe and reliable
  • Minimal skin trauma
  • Maximum pigment deposit in the skin
  • Largest needle assortment available
Create ultra-smooth and sharp lines with our professional PMU needles.
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Achieve perfect results. Always.

Create ultra-smooth and sharp lines with our professional PMU needles.

  • Largest range of needles

    60 needle formations. For eyes, lips, medical and eyebrows pmu. Unique needle modules for each pmu procedure!

  • Technical perfection

    Minimal skin trauma, maximum pigment deposition. Equal, perfect pigmentation. The best, most natural results in less time.

  • Nouveau Contour exclusive

    The Safety Needles are designed exclusively for Nouveau Contour handpieces and prevent cross-contamination.

  • Leading brand worldwide

    Nouveau Contour is leader in the latest techniques and guarantees the highest and safest quality of all its products.

Superior needles, 25+ years experience

Technical perfection, minimal skin trauma, the best results.

The digitally controlled frequency and speed, the needle geometry and the needle surface ensure equal and perfect pigmentation. More customer comfort and the best results in less time!

Each Nouveau Contour handpiece has its own needle selection. All Nouveau Contour needles are superior.

  • Prevent from cross contamination
  • Unique needle system, patented technique
  • Enforced Retraction system (digital frequency control)
  • Nouveau Contour exclusive
  • Largest range of needles available
Why are Nouveau Contour needles the best?

Poor quality needles vs. Nouveau Contour needles

  • Nouveau Contour quality needles

    • Surgical steel
    • Razor sharp needle tip
    • Patented Enforced Retraction System
    • Minimal skin trauma
    • More pleasant for customer
    • Roughened needle shaft
    • High pigment deposition in the skin
    • The best results!
  • Poor quality needles

    • Needle tip is blunt / not sharp enough
    • Often tiny membranes
    • More skin trauma
    • Painful for the customer
    • Uneven Pigment Deposit
    • Uneven fading of pigment in future
    • Sloppy results

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Nouveau Contour needles

Choose the perfect needle for every PMU technique!
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