Wireless. Wired.
Tattoo power for PMU.

PRO25 – Your Masterpiece for Permanent Makeup and Tattooing!

  • Wireless freedom
  • PMU and Tattoo
  • Made in Germany
  • Nouveau Contour’s best price
Limited-Time Offer: FREE set of premium pigments and needle modules with your purchase of the PRO25!
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Budget-friendly flagship product of Nouveau Contour

Discover Nouveau Contour PRO25

This cutting edge device with 2,5 mm stroke length redefines convenience, precision and artistic possibilities in the world of permanent makeup and tattooing. Made in Germany.

These features make the PRO25 a game-changer:

  • Work wirelessly or wired, whichever you prefer
  • PMU and tattoo procedures
  • 2,5 mm stroke length
  • Precise lines, subtle shading and stunning details
  • Entry level pricing, Nouveau Contour quality
  • Made in Germany
The best budget permanent makeup device 

For PMU and Tattoo

The highest power, entry level pricing and cost-efficient needle cartridges. PRO25 leaves all competition behind with its excellent value for money, offering Nouveau Contour quality, features and benefits for the budget-friendly price of €895.

This entry-level pricing opens up opportunities for starters and professionals who prefer to work with the best brand in micropigmentation since 1997.

Tattoo power for PMU

The PRO25 with 2,5 mm stroke length covers a wide range of tattoo and PMU techniques. Work faster and with trauma-reduced color implantation.

Wireless or wired

Experience unparalleled convenience and flexibility in your creative process. PRO25 can be used wirelessly or wired, whichever you prefer. The PRO25 comes with two battery packs for wireless use and a click on connection cap for wired power. The PRO25 is compatible with the Nouveau Contour Smart and iQ control units.

The PRO25 is designed with professionals in mind. Its ergonomic design, intuitive controls and user-friendliness make PRO25 convenient and easy to use in both PMU as tattoo procedures.

Made in Germany

The PRO25 offers reliable German craftmanship and Nouveau Contour quality at the most competitive pricing.

Needle cartridges

Large choice of 18 needles to achieve different levels of precision and detail, for the best and most natural looking results in PMU and Tattoo. With a wide range of needles you are able to offer a broad range of services, catering to different client demands and desired results.

For the PRO25 18 needle configurations are available at competitive prices, starting at €1,50.

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Hit the ground running and push the boundaries of your creativity

Limited-Time Offer

Limited time offer: FREE set of premium pigments and needle modules – worth € 100 – with your purchase of the PRO25!
€ 895,-
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