Nouveau Contour Sharp

Powerful performance. Lightweight. Compact. Portable

  • For PMU and Tattoo
  • Lightweight, compact & portable
  • Needles from €1,60
  • Made in Germany
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Discover the Nouveau Contour Sharp

Powerful device for all PMU and tattoo applications. The Sharp is a precision-engineered device that guarantees flawless results in both PMU and Tattoo work. Its power combined with 2 mm stroke length makes the Sharp the choice for professionals seeking perfection in every stroke.

The Nouveau Contour Sharp features:

  • Powerful device
  • PMU & tattoo procedures
  • Recommended for experienced PMU artists
  • 2 mm stroke length
  • 70-150 needle inserts p/sec
  • Ultra-precise hairstrokes, delicate gradients
  • Needles from €1,60
  • Made in Germany

Sharp, masterpiece for Permanent Makeup and Tattooing!

The Nouveau Contour Sharp is compact, very silent and one of the least vibrating machines in the market. Operating with the highest safety and precision possible, all advanced PMU techniques and tattoo procedures can be performed. The Sharp is lightweight and portable. Easy to travel with and excellent for work on location. Because of its power, we mainly recommend the Sharp to experienced PMU specialists or tattoo artists.

Cost-effective needles

The 7 most essential needle formations are available at competitive prices. The assortment includes the most used and most popular needles for various techniques, such as strokes, shading, ombre and pixel techniques. The Sharp needles offer the quality performance as you may expect from Nouveau Contour. Benefit from reduced costs without compromising on quality or safety!


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The Sharp comes with an exclusively designed ergonomic handpiece. Slim, compact, very quiet and powerful. With 2 mm stroke length and 70-150 inserts per second, all advanced PMU and tattoo procedures and techniques can be performed with the highest possible safety and precision. From ultra-fine hairstrokes to shading and pixel techniques! Optimized skin penetration ensures minimal trauma to the skin, resulting in a shorter healing period and great pigment retention.

Note: handpiece is not sold separately.

About the Sharp Handpiece


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Nouveau Contour Sharp

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