1-point liner Needle – 0,40 CPT



  • Supports low machine vibration
  • Single-use cartridges
  • Special safety membrane to seal backflow of any fluids
  • Classic PMU taper – 1.5mm length
  • Taper geometry: Cone shaped needle tip
  • Needle diameter 0.40 mm
  • 20 pieces

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1-point liner Needle – 0,40 CPT

The 1-point liner Needle – 0,40 CPT is the needle for the most PMU procedures. Draw a beautiful eyeliner outline and detail work on eyebrows. It is a steady needle that will penetrate the most difficult skin types without causing bigger trauma.

All Pro25 PMU needle modules are equipped with a safety membrane to prevent the backflow of colors and bodily fluids entering the machine and the associated cross-contamination.
We offer you the highest possible quality and safety standard that the industry has to offer.

Recommended for:

  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrows shading
  • Precise contour of the lips
  • Smooth contours
  • Full lips
  • Capillaries in areola procedure

Additional information


Dermapigmentation, Eyebrows, Eyes, Lips


0,40 mm




Contouring, Shading

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