4 Point Flat – Safety Needle


  • Flat tip needle
  • Diameter: 0,40 mm
  • Recommended for: eyebrows, eyeliner, eyelash enhancement, eyeshadow, full lips, lip liner and areola
  • Sold in boxes of 10 pieces

Note: These needles are available for iQ, SMART, Intelligent, Digital 1000 devices.

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4 Point – PMU Needle

The 4 Point Flat – Safety Needle has four needles in a row. It is suitable for the shading technique and hairstroke technique for eyebrow, by applying the scoop technique. The result is a very natural look of eyebrow hairs.

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Safety needles

The patented safety needles modules halt and prevent fluid and airborne from entering the handpiece and prevents from cross-contamination. The needles causes less trauma and are more comfortable for the client, because the needles pulls out faster from the skin.

Safety handpiece

The safety needles fit on the standard safety handpiece. This handpiece is extreme light and offers a stable grip. The handpiece is made of cast aluminum, does not get warm and works extremly comfortable. To adjust the needles length, tailored to the skin type and treatment technique, simply turn the hand ring setting ring.

Additional information


Dermapigmentation, Eyebrows, Eyes, Lips


0,40 mm




Hairstroke, Scoop, Shading

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