5 Point Magnum – Safety Needle – Sharp

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  • 5 Point Magnum – Safety Needle
  • These needles are available  for the Sharp device
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5 Point Magnum – Safety Needle – Sharp

The 5 Point Magnum – Safety Needle – Sharp is a flat form comprising 5 needles in 2 rows. Suitable for smokey eyeliners, wide and high eyeliners, and the coloring in of lips using the circling technique (Experience desired when working with this needle).

Sharp device

These needles are available for the sharp device.

The Nouveau Contour Sharp is a small device for all micropigmentation procedures. The affordable luxury device give you the quality of Nouveau Contor with a surprisingly low price tag! Beloved for its powerful performance, size and capacity.

The device is very silent and one of the least vibrating machines in the market. Operating with the highest safety and precision possible, all advanced PMU techniques can be performed. It’s the best choice available.