5 Point Sloped Digital Blading – Safety Needle


  • Safety Needle
  • Digital Blading Needle
  • 10 pieces

Note: These needles are available for iQ, SMART, Intelligent, Digital 1000 devices.

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5 Point Sloped Digital Blading – Safety Needle

The 5 Point Sloped Digital Blading – Safety Needle are flat form comprising, 5 nano needles in a row. For experienced technicians only. Designed especially for digital blading. Creates razor sharp hair strokes and is suitable for all skin types. Suitable for ‘digital blading’ in a somewhat bolder eyebrow.

Safety needles

The needle cartridge system of Nouveau Contour works unlike anything. The internal diaphragms prevent fluid and airborne contaminants from entering the handpiece and prevents cross-contamination. The system pulls the needle faster in and out from the skin, which is more comfortable for the client. These needles fit on the standard safety handpiece.

Digital Blading


Digital blading creates stunning effects. It is a revolutionary technique using a handpiece with ultrafine tipe, which deposit pigment into the skin in an extraordinary way. The tip of the handpiece is so fine that it enables you to create razor sharp hair strokes that look super real and supernatural. Step into a new world of atomized microblading, look and feel fabulous with a natural look that lasts!