867 – Light Red Out .F


  • Application: Camouflage / Correction
  • Undertone: Cool
  • Skin Type Category: 1 – 6
  • Volume: 5 & 10 ML

Note: Do not mix pigments of other brands with Nouveau Contour pigments as the structure and composition are different.


PMU Correction Pigment – 867 – Light Red Out .F

Add correction pigment 867 – Light Red Out .F to light or medium brow pigments to eliminate soft pink and orange undertones and to make the color cooler. Do not apply this pigment directly on the brows, because they will turn green.

Color note: the pigment colors are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from reality. For a true-to-color representation of each pigment color, please refer to the CIS guide or the actual pigment.

This correction pigment belongs to the Fusion pigment line. The Fusion line combines organic and inorganic ingredients in an innovative pigment formula. The advantage of the inorganic component is that the pigments remain very stable in the skin so there is just a minimum chance of migration.The organic component -free from iron oxides- ensures the clear color and good pigment retention. Color changes to gray or red are now a thing of the past. After healing, the colors are extremely soft and very natural.

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10 ML, 5 ML

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