9 Point Magnum – Safety Needle


  • Safety Needle
  • Flat Tip Needle
  • 10 pieces

Note: These needles are available for iQ, SMART, Intelligent, Digital 1000 devices.


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9 Point Magnum – Safety Needle

The 9 Point Magnum – Safety Needle are flat form comprising 9 needles in 2 rows. Suitable for a subtle coloring in of large areas.

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Safety needles

The patented Safety Needles modules prevents cross-contamination. The module is completely covered with an internal diaphragms which prevent fluid and airborne from entering the handpiece. The safety system of these needles is amazing. Untill the handpiece is connected and the device is turned on, the needle stays inside the tip.

Safety handpiece

The safety needles fit on the standard safety handpiece. Worldwide this is the first permanent make up “rotary/pen” machine that guarantees no chance of cross contamination.

  • Patented
  • Designed to change pigmentation depth
  • Made of cast aluminum
  • Extreme light
  • Safety Needle Cartridge

A safety system unlike anything on the market.

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