5 Point Spread – Power Pro


Note: These needles are available for the Power Pro Handpiece.

A 5-point needle whereby the 5 points are a little bit apart of each other. Suitable for making a distinct contour to define a high eyeliner, semi hair strokes, and the outer corners of the lips.

5 Point Spread – Power Pro – 10 pcs
Flat Tip Needle

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Power to the pro’s!
This short and lightweight handpiece is THE tool for professional PMU artists only. Ergonomically shaped and with a minimum vibration the Power Pro is a dream to work with. The powerful hand piece let needles go in and out the skin at the highest speed for the fastest and smoothest pigment implementation ever. Gaining time and money!

Due to the 2,5 mm needle stroke length within the needle cartridge, the pigment implantation is optimized and efficient. The desired needle length is easily set with the handpiece’s precision scale. Excellent for hairstrokes, lining techniques and shading techniques (ombré, powder, pixel etc). The Power Pro handpiece allows you to reach the best results, in less time!

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