7 – Point Round – Safety Needle


  • Safety Needle
  • Round Tip needle
  • 10 pieces

Note: These needles are available for the Smart & IQ device.

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7 – Point Round – Safety Needle

The 7 – Point Round – Safety Needle has an open, round needle form and is suitable for very wide upper eyeliners and the partial coloring in of the lips.

Safety needles

The safety needles of Nouveau Contour are safe and reliable.

  • Minimal skin trauma
  • Maximum pigment deposit in the skin
  • Always the perfect needle for a perfect result
  • Create ultra-smooth lines

The safety needles work with the safety handpiece

Safety handpiece

The Safety Handpiece offers a stable grip. Worldwide this is the first permanent rotary pen that guarantees no change of cross conamination because of the patented safety needle modules:

  • Easy-Turn-Depth system
  • Made of cast aluminum
  • Extreme light
  • 20 Safety needles cartridges available
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