722 – Pretty Pink


Application: Lips

Undertone: Cool

Skin Type Category: 1 – 4

Volume: 5 & 10 ML

Note: Do not mix pigments of other brands with Nouveau Contour pigments as the structure and composition are different.

Note: he delivered product may differ from the product shown on the website.

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Lip pigment 722 – Pretty Pink

Lip pigment 722 – Pretty Pink has an intense pink colour. It looks fresh, but has a very cool undertone. It’s a great pigment to give a punch to other colors. The pigment can be used directly, or mix the pigment with one of our other lip pigments.

Color note: Please keep in mind that the pigment color displayed on the website is intended for illustrative purposes only and may not accurately reflect the actual color.

This lip pigment is from Nouveau Contour’s Organic line. Very high concentration of pigment, bright colors and limited follow-up treatments needed.

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10 ML, 5 ML

Skin type category

Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4





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